Dry Eye Exam

How is this different from a regular eye exam?

Dry eye is a complex disease and requires more in-depth testing to figure out what the root cause is before coming up with a treatment plan. At this exam, Dr. Miller will evaluate your lids thoroughly, measure your tear production, instill dye onto your eyes to check for your tear evaporation time, evaluate if you have any corneal damage due to chronic disease, express your meibomian glands to check the quality of the meibum (oil) in those glands and a few other additional tests as needed.

How long will this exam be?

It will take about 30 minutes to complete all the testing and go over all the treatment options with Dr. Miller. She likes to offer all the options available for your specific needs and then tailor treatment to what you would be comfortable with. We schedule at least 30 minutes for the testing and discussion.

Can I drive home after this exam?

Yes! There is no dilation at this exam and you are able to drive yourself to and from the appointment.

Is this billed through my vision plan or major medical insurance?

Dry Eye Disease is a medical condition and this exam will be billed through your major medical insurance if you have it.