Zest Dry Eye Treatment

ZEST®- Zocular Eyelid System Technology

Why is it important to have clean, healthy eyelids?

Your eyelids play a critical part in the overall health of your eyes. Over 85% of dry eye originates from the eyelids. All the dirt, oil, dead skin, bacteria, and mites that accumulate over time on your eyelids (akin to tartar on your teeth) can lead to redness, tearing irritation, conjunctivitis, and recurrent styes. Daily lid hygiene is often not enough to remove all the unwanted debris from your eyelids.

How will ZEST® help my eyelids?

ZEST® is a newly developed in-office deep cleansing procedure performed at your eye doctor’s office. This procedure uses patented Zokrex™ technology with activated natural okra polysaccharide complexes to gently and effectively clear scurf and residue from your eyelids. ZEST® can only be done with ZocuKit™, which contains all the necessary customized instruments such as ZocuSwab™ along with a special okra-based gel to cleanse your eyelids without the use of any topical anesthetics. There is minimal, if any discomfort. You’ll be asked during ZEST® to move your eyes in certain directions to precisely target the lid areas deemed clinically important by your eye doctor during the slit lamp examination of your eyes. Your eyes should feel better within about 15 minutes after ZEST®. Your eye doctor will then recommend a regimen of Zocular product(s) to optimize and maintain the results from ZEST® and may advice you to repeat ZEST® 2-3 times annually, similar to your dental hygiene schedule.

Do I need ZEST®?

ZEST® is an elective procedure. It is up to you in consultation with your eye doctor to decide how to best address your eye care needs. ZEST® incorporates okra botanicals to help your eyes look and feel better, naturally. Don’t forget to ask for the ZEST® assured card find inside every ZocuKit™ after treatment to make sure ZEST® was delivered to your eyes. It’s not ZEST® unless it is performed with ZocuKit™.

What are the risks associated with eyelid cleansing?
There is no risk-free activity or procedure. Some of the most common risks are listed below, but they in no way represent every possible risk or complication that may occur:

  • Injury to the eye or surrounding tissue

  • Pain in photophobia

  • Eye or eyelid infection

  • Eye or eyelid irritation or allergy

How long does the treatment take?

It takes about 15 mintutes to clean both eyes. Dr. Miller does the upper lid and then the lower lid of each eye.

Can I drive after the procedure?

Yes! You can drive yourself home right after the procedure.