Dry Eye Disease is a chronic condition that often requires ongoing treatment. Everyone will need different treatment depending on what the cause of the dry eye is. Sometimes the treatment is artificial tears, supplements, or specific eye lid washes. If you have evaporative dry eye, which means the meibomian glands are not functioning correctly, we have a brand new treatment!

TearCare is a new thermal dry eye treatment system. This heats the glands to optimal temperature and then Dr. Miller is able to express the glands to get your natural oils flowing again.

Above is a picture of the meibomian glands. These are the glands that make up the meibum layer, or oil layer, of your tears.

When the glands are not functioning properly as seen in the above two images, you can develop symptoms of dry eye. They often become clogged and blocked. The meibum is supposed to be an olive oil like consistency. When they are clogged they are much thicker and unable to be easily released from the glands. In the image of the lid above you can see the meibum as little dots on the lid and these are all glands that are not secreting properly.

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